SRC Studio's
Price List for
Comp Cards, Brochures, Promotional Flyers,
Posters & Business Cards for Models,
Actors, Musicians, Dancers, Performers, Atheletes
Artists, Writers, Corporate Exectives &
Any One Who Needs Printed Media or
Graphic Design Work

Sample Model's Comp Card


Graphic Design Work_________________________$35.00 / hour

Model's Comp Card or Letter Size Flyer, double sided________
Design Work__________________________________$35.00
Printing Charge, 100 copies, both sides color_________$60.00
Front Color, Back B & W___________________Subtract $15.00

Front B & W, Back B & W__________________Subtract $25.00

Business Cards__________________________________________
Design Work___________________________________$25.00
Printing Charge, 250 copies, one sides 1 or 2 colors_____$25.00
250 copies Full Color one side with Photo & Logo_Total_$70.00


Posters, 13 X 19, full color or B & W________________________
Design Work__________________________________$35.00
10 copies @
$7.50 ea.___________________________$75.00


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